Chris Wilson

Director of Post 16

As a Vice Principal for Deep Learning and Director of Post 16 I am privileged to work with our students as they prepare to take their first steps into the world after Outwood Grange Academy; my personal belief is that Key Stage Five is where life chances really are forged as students select and apply for higher level apprenticeships and university degrees. Leading Deep Learning is a great privilege and my current projects include the development of collaborative learning, staff CPD and the performance management for the entire Academy. My previous roles within Outwood Grange Academies Trust have included leading NQT and ITT programmes across the Trust before establishing Outwood Institute of Education’s School Direct programme. As a former middle leader in History and Assistant principal in Deep Learning I have always believed students thrive when they are challenged, supported and engaged and feel the Post 16 Centre at Outwood Grange Academy embodies this spirit. I am passionate about working with the local community, of which I am a member, in order to improve and develop the opportunities our students possess when they leave Outwood Grange Academy; this really is my most exciting role to date and I look forward to our future successes.