Sabiha Laher

Associate Executive Principal.

Having completed her degree and PGCE in Business Studies at the University of Huddersfield, Sabiha secured her very first teaching position at Outwood Grange Academy in 2001 as a Newly Qualified Teacher. Sabiha always wanted to be part of the decision making processes that drive schools forward, providing students with an educational experience which make them highly employable and respectable members of the local community. This vision determined her career path to date and she secured various leadership positions which provided her with a wealth of knowledge and experience needed to ensure that the very best quality of service is provided for the students in her care, regardless of their starting point.

In 2006 Sabiha became an Assistant Principal responsible for the pastoral care of students and teaching and learning. She was promoted to a Vice Principal position - Deep Support in 2008 and continued in this role for 5 years. On 1 March 2013, Sabiha became the Principal of Outwood Grange Academy at the age of 34, having only been in the teaching profession for 12 years. More recently, Sabiha has secured a position as an Associate Executive Principal, working at Outwood Grange Academy, Outwood Academy Shafton in Barnsley and Outwood Academy Carlton in Barnsley.